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2016/4/26· Prudhoe Bay field lies on the Alaska coastal plain between Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 4 (NPRA) and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR; Figure 1).Present-day production from Permian-Triassic sandstones and conglomerates of the Ivishak Formation is approximately 550 MSTBD.

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1 NGA-LTER Seward Line CRUISE PLAN Sept 1-9, 2020 Funding Source: NSF, NPRB, EVOS, AOOS, UAF Chief Scientist: Russ Hopcroft*, Zooplankton, [email protected] Institute of Marine Science University of Alaska Fairbanks, AK 99775-1080

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New research co-authored by University of Alaska indies that acidifiion of the Southern Ocean will cause a layer of water to form below the surface that corrodes the shells of

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Quaternary Science Reviews 26 (2007) 130–141 Late Holocene moisture balance variability in the southwest Yukon Territory, Canada Lesleigh Andersona,, Mark B. Abbottb, Bruce P. Finneyc, Stephen J. Burnsa aDepartment of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst MA 01003, USA


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ABSTRACTS (By Author) AAPG Foundation 2015 Grants-in-Aid Projects Search and Discovery Article #90249 (2016) Posted April 11, 2016 Select letter corresponding to first letter of author''s last name.

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Ocean acidifiion (OA) is rapidly emerging as a significant problem for organisms, ecosystems, and human societies. Globally, addressing OA and its impacts re 1 L. Strong ([email protected]) is a PhD candidate in the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources at Stanford University, in Stanford, California.. Kristy J. Kroeker is postdoctoral researcher at the

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Alaska is home to 40% (229 of 566) of the federally recognized tribes in the United States. 171 The small nuer of jobs, high cost of living, and rapid social change make rural, predominantly Native, communities highly vulnerable to climate change through impacts on traditional hunting and fishing and cultural connection to the land and sea.

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Carbonate and organic carbon production far exceeds their preservation, and on average, <10% of the carbonate and <1% of the organic carbon produced in the ocean are preserved in sediment (Archer 1996, Dunne et al. 2007, Hedges & Keil 1995).

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2012/10/4· A 2g sample of impure limestone is treated with 100mL of 0.975M hydrochloric acid. CaCO3(s) + 2HCL(aq) -> CaCl2(aq) + H2O(l) + CO2(g) After the reaction is complete, 20.53mL of 1.55M sodium carbonate solution is required to neutralise the left-over acid.

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Carbonate rock reservoirs comprise approximately 60% of the world’s oil and gas reserves. Complex flow mechanisms and strong adsorption of crude oil on carbonate formation surfaces can reduce hydrocarbon recovery of an oil-wet carbonate reservoir to as low as 10%. Low salinity waterflooding (LSW) has been confirmed as a promising technique to improve the oil recovery factor. …

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Alaska is the largest state in the Nation, almost one-fifth the size of the coined lower 48 United States, and is rich in natural capital resources. Alaska is often identified as being on the front lines of climate change since it is warming faster than any other state

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2001/9/11· Paired oxygen-isotopic analyses of abiotic carbonate and benthic-ostracode shells from lake sediments provide a continuous quantitative record of growing-season temperature for the past 2000 years in the northwestern foothills of the Alaska Range. This record

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Skagway Alaska Ghost town - Skagway is a remarkable town. What would Skagway be without Soapy? Of course there are many stories about Skagway including those about Jefferson Randolph Smith. He was better known from his days in Colorado as

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Department of Geosciences Email: [email protected] Phone: 907-474-7565 Fax: 907-474-5163 Physical address: 308 Reichardt Building 1930 Yukon Drive Mailing address: P.O. Box 755780 Fairbanks, AK 99775 Follow us on social media:

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2017/9/22· Limestone, as used by the minerals industry, is any rock composed mostly of calcium carbonate (CaCO 3). Although limestone is common in many parts of the United States, it is critically absent from some. Limestone is used to produce Portland cement, as aggregate in …

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HEIDI L. DREXLER entitled A Comparison of Geochemistry, Carbonate Mineralogy, and Argillic Alteration between the Dome Prospect and the Main Au Resource of the Donlin Creek Project in Southwest Alaska be accepted in partial fulfillment of the

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12.79 % of Mariana in Salta, Argentina with right to raise this to 22.79%. One of the biggest lithium salar deposits in the world. Resource estimate of measured and indied resources increased in January 2020 to 4,410,000 tonnes Lithium Carbonate equivalent